Family Physician Associates, PSC



Family Physician Associates began when Dr. Donald Chatham and Dr. James R. Smith partnered. Dr. Chatham, who retired in 1992, operated a solo practice in Shelbyville for a number of years. He provided quality medical care, including delivering many babies. Dr. Chatham was an integral part of the community and he enjoyed talking with patients and staff when he came by the office. Over the years, numerous changes occurred to the Shelbyville location, including the construction of the current office building in the early 1990s.

The Eminence office was originally the practice of Dr. Robert L. Houston. Through the years we’ve made cosmetic changes, but quality medical care is still our number one priority. In 2010, Family Physician Associates joined Jewish Physician Group, a service of Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare. Joining forces with Jewish Physician Group allows FPA the opportunity to focus more time on providing quality care to their patients, while Jewish Physician Group helps to strengthen the business aspects of their practice and our hospital.

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